United Mining Resources

United Mining Resources

United Mining Resources melakukan program evaluasi lapangan dan pemberdayaan masyarakat di Garut, Indonesia.

Pertemuan Investasi Riau

Pertemuan Investasi Riau

CEO Bernardus Djonoputro, Gubernur Riau Rusli Zainal, dan sejumlah perwakilan dari Pemerintah Daerah Riau, berpose dalam sesi foto pada acara Pertemuan Investasi Riau.

Forum Pemimpin Pemerintah

Forum Pemimpin Pemerintah

Forum Pemimpin Pemerintah (Government Leaders Forum) diadakan di Jakarta dan dihadiri oleh, diantaranya, Presiden Yudhoyono dan Bill Gates.



Bupati Kabupaten Wakatobi, Ir. Hugua, menyampaikan keoptimisannya mengenai iklim investasi di daerahnya.

Pelabuhan Sabang

Pelabuhan Sabang

Perwakilan dari Dublin Port Co. dan Pemerintah Daerah Sabang menandatangani kontrak kerjasama untuk mengembangkan Pelabuhan Sabang di Aceh.

United Mining Resources
Pertemuan Investasi Riau
Forum Pemimpin Pemerintah
Pelabuhan Sabang

What we do

Taking A New View of Business Diplomacy In Indonesia!

HD Asia Advisory is dedicated to helping clients devise strategies to navigate and initiate business diplomacy in Indonesia. We provide strategic advisory services to investors and corporations alike, enabling them to develop a comprehensive investment strategy and getting a better understanding of the territory and sector in which they operate. Our expertise and network of information enable us to assist clients in developing effective strategies to deal with legislative, regulatory and political issues.

Partners and Advisers at HD Asia Advisory work hand-in-hand with clients to anticipate and resolve problems by providing information, offering counsel, devising strategies, coordinating advocacy, and identifying issues to come up with most effective course of actions.

At every level, we define the specific goal, create a strategic plan, mobilize available forces and engage. We continuously enhance our force and extend our reach. We build out resources in areas that have proven effective and develop relationships to contribute synergy. Our services include:


  1. Market Entry and Business Diplomacy
  2. Policy Advocacy
  3. Perception Audits
  4. Capacity Building
  5. Community Engagements


  1. Cities and Infrastructure
  2. Aviation, Transportation and Logistics
  3. IT and Communications


URBANLABHD Asia Advisory proudly announce a new practice in urban planning and solutions. Urban Lab is a unique entity that evokes the critical thinking of urban planning to provide practical and creative solutions for the many urban challenges faced by today's cities. The practice provide practical solutions and inspiration that shall expose people to new and creative ideas and solutions to solve or mitigate urban problems. Urban Lab is a collaboration effort between HD Asia Advisory and AJM Planning Urban Design Group Sdn Bhd., Malaysia.

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HD Asia Cities & Infrastructure Practice Launched

The Indonesian relatively stable macro economic in the past decade is an evidence of an improved monetary regime. But it is still heavily shadowed by paradoxes of disparities between regions. Central GovernmentŐs effort to attract investors to invest in Indonesia by reducing high costs, for example through tax incentives, export incentives, assurance of legal certainty, and security for investments, are shadowed by the fact that it does not followed by a much needed conducive condition in the regions.

Aviation Infrastructure & Technology sectors in Indonesia is Thriving

Dublin Aerospace

European service providers and investors in the aviation sector are very positive and interested in entering the Indonesian market scene. This was evident in the interaction between several Indonesian leading aviation with aiport companies from Asia, Middle East and Europe in a Dialogue held here in Dublin, Ireland, 12-14 June 2013.

The dialogue is being held in conjunction with an aviation trade delegation from Indonesia, organized by HD Asia Advisory.

HDAA Cities & Infrastructure at the IFHP World City Congress in London

In an inaugural presentation by HDAA Cities & Infrastructure Practice, HDAA Founder/Chairman Bernardus Djonoputro addressed the EAROPH Asia Pacific Forum at the IFHP World City Congress held 8-11 June 2013 in London. The inaugural presentation was also presented together with HE Vice Minister of Public Works of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Hermanto Dardak, who brought in the government's perspective on policies surrounding the planning of Indonesian cities.

8,800 Visitor in EHEF 2012 (European Education Fair) in Jakarta and Medan

On Saturday  (November 3,2012) and Sunday (November 4, 2012) there were European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) held in , Thamrin Nine Ballroom Jakarta

EHEF is the biggest European education fair in Indonesia that serves as a facility to accommodate the dissemination of information on Study in Europe as an alternative destination to pursue excellent quality of higher education for Indonesian students and professionals. EHEF Jakarta succeeded in attracting more than 8.800  visitors this year. 

First Anniversary of Papua Cloud

First Anniversary of Papua Cloud

11 October 2012,  exactly one year ago, located at the auditorium of DPTIK (Department of ICT Management) Office of Papua Province, in Soa Siu Dok II Street, Jayapura, the socialization of development work of Cloud Computing-Based Knowledge Centre took place for the officials of SKPD (Local Government Task Force) in Papua Province, for some colleagues of PDE (Electronic Data Center) Offices from some districts/cities in Papua, as well as to the general public. On the same day the name "Papua Cloud" was declared as a popular name which is generic and easy to recognize the results of the work.

Pemerintah Irlandia Membangun Jaringan Bisnis di Jakarta

Jakarta, 30 Mei 2010 – Pemerintah Irlandia meluncurkan Jejaring Dialog Bisnis Irlandia-Indonesia di Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, pada tanggal 26 Mei 2010. Jejaring ini merupakan sebuah forum yang ditujukan untuk memfasilitasi dan mempromosikan hubungan bilateral dan perdagangan antara Irlandia dan Indonesia.

Pertemuan kali ini dipimpin oleh duta besar Irlandia untuk Singapura, Indonesia, Filipina, Brunei Darussalam, dan Timor timor, Richard O’Brien. Turut hadir pula dalam acara ini, perwakilan dari Enterprise Ireland, dan juga sejumlah pengusaha dan perwakilan korporasi baik dari Indonesia maupun Irlandia.

HD Asia Advisory Menjembatani Pihak Kunci untuk Mengembangkan Riset Keanekaragaman Hayati Wakatobi

Jakarta, 20 May 2010 – HD Asia Advisory telah dengan sukses berkolaborasi dan membantu berbagai pihak kunci dalam menyelenggarakan acara penandatanganan dan peluncuran Program Pelatihan Riset Keanekaragaman Hayati di Kementrian Riset dan Teknologi di Jakarta pada hari Kamis (20/05). Dengan usaha kuat dan gigih, jembatan kerjasama antara PT. Microsoft Indonesia, pemerintah kabupaten Wakatobi, dan Kementrian Riset dan Teknologi (Ristek), akhirnya terbentuk. Hal ini merupakan salah satu gerbang menuju kerjasama yang lebih erat diantara pihak-pihakt tersebut di masa depannya.

Pemerintah Kabupaten Wakatobi Kembangkan Pusat Penelitian Keanekaragaman Hayati Dengan Penggunaan Teknologi Microsoft

Jakarta, 12 Maret 2010 – Kabupaten Wakatobi sebagai pusat segitiga terumbu karang dunia merupakan kawasan karang terkaya di dunia yang memiliki 750 jenis spesies terumbu karang (Coral Biodiversity), menyadari pentingnya melestarikan aset lingkungan ini dengan melibatkan peran serta pemerintah, peneliti, dan pihak swasta.

Saat ini Pemerintah Kabupaten Wakatobi sedang membangun International Center of Excellence untuk kegiatan penelitian keanekaragaman hayati terumbu karang melalui kerangka Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Dalam rangka itu, Kabupaten Wakatobi mengadopsi teknologi kelas dunia melalui kerjasama dengan PT Microsoft Indonesia dalam mengembangkan teknologi informasi yang akan diaplikasikan untuk kegiatan penelitian.